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Intractable and Wicked Problems are coming for you and there is no escape

Intractable and Wicked Problems are coming for you and there is no escape. Look around us and see what the “heuristics” tell us.

  1. Computation Irreducibility – Mathematical & Computing unable to provided explicit solutions to complex phenomena (NOT WHAT AI/ML/Deep Learning is doing!!!)

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Health pandemics such as AMR or behaviour of borrowers of capital or investors in markets are intractable problems and wicked by design.

2. Complex Adaptive Systems are ≠ Complexity (Engine or aircraft design)

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3. We live in a world of “Wicked Problems” ( just look around you).

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4. Almost no one is prepared for “Uncertainty (Not a subject yet) and thus no individual/profession/company/government has the tools/models/capability to adapt”

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5. Complex Adaptive Systems (Computing) – We as a team have modelled all work on Heuristics & Evolutionary Computing that are based on behaviours (human/ecosystems/ machines) to solve ecosystem scale challenges for the real world.

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So when companies talk extreme efficiency they get brittle and collapse (ex: laying off workforce to get efficient) and when companies/cities/countries/communities depend on extreme Resiliency they get Stagnant and search for business models/ecosystems/profitability.

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What is most exciting are the game-changing solutions that will unbundle ourselves because of the principles.

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Bottom-line is >99% of today’s skills and their organisations are up for grab (the rest is simply testosterone arguing). Have you graduated in “Uncertainty”? Or I’m sorry it is not an undergrad/masters degree yet or is it?


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