Job description: Entrepreneur in Residence – Disrupt our industry!

I was asked yesterday by a a chief executive of a multi-billion dollar division of a company who is a good friend and met for tea. How do we find the next idea and the people to execute on it? Fast forward and asked me if I can present a few slides on their internal business idea and how I would disrupt them! Now that’s quick. I did mention I would write a job description.

Job description: Entrepreneur in Residence – Disrupt our industry and put us out of business!

We are looking for someone to disrupt us and maybe take over what we have been doing for the last 40 years by changing the rules in the next 3 years! We believe in the Business model warfare of company mortality is now accelerating faster than before! So we want to create and sustain value for our stakeholders and ecosystem by disrupting ourselves! (http://www.innovationlabs.com/publications/business-model-warfare/). Why would our ecosystem, customers, employees and shareholders like this. Because this ensures that we stay ahead of the curve not by planning, but by what we don’t see and someone else does. Uber, Airbnb, SolarCity, et al are disrupting incumbents exactly like that and we don’t want to be left saying “I wish I had thought of that!”

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 9.34.18 AM   Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 9.43.04 AM


1. Report to the CEO, CFO and Chief People’s Officer and board

2. Create your idea, poach your team from our best minds inside the company or outside, base you and your team wherever you believe the best minds exist and collaborate to disrupt our industry

3.  Launch within 6 months with an equity investment from our company with a Right of First Refusal to buy the parent company (not vice versa)! This is the ROI/ROE

4.  Single goal. If you and your team of EIRs cannot disrupt our division(s) or corporate structure and business model, we will still work with you

5.  Start in the next 60 days from this ad


What are we looking for?

1. Your value system!

2. Your vision!

3. Your execution!

4. Your team!

Compensation structure:
Like all startups. We agree to invest $5m at seed and as per your business plan will work till exit with mainstream capital so that the parent’s gets acquired or, and you also acquire our competition or render us obsolete.

You cannot have the experience, because if you did we would have already been acquired. What we need is your deep vision, commitment, team and ecosystem around you. We also decided you cannot be looking for just a salary, because if you did you would be like all of us in the company doing what we do because we learnt it yesterday.

Love to hear your thoughts folks. Just sending this in to my friend.

PS: Asked me for a few slides as what I did as improv which got him to call his team and say, our plan for the last few months may need radical rethinking so you continue and let’s see what comes in 3 slides on the weekend.

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