Software eats pure hardware companies!

Companies that manufacture pure hardware as a business and that’s their business model are disappearing at the rate of Moore’s Law. From aircrafts to cars and tractors to mobile phone.

RAF fighter jets use 3D-printed parts for first time




Business models are changing at the rate of the network and marketplaces are eating industries. Imagine a mom and pop store with 3D printers that print software designs for consumers or businesses. This is where it’s great to invest in. From CAE companies (I used to work at MSC Software) to design and analytics. Now you know why companies like NVIDIA are changing the game.

Nvidia Propels Mobile Computing With Whopping 192-Core Tegra K1

Conclusion. Software eats pure hardware companies! Now you know what stock to sell, buy, or make a career change or what company to start. Do it now!

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