Jack Ma, Alibaba and a must watch Video!

Rarely we get to witness an executive, entrepreneur or executive speak simple and clean and yet provide such deep insights with such clarity. I am putting this video of Jack Ma at the Credit Suisse.  Watch this and will enable anyone get a deep insight in what one does and really how to look at your business or company. As for eCommerce you watch this and you realize that most companies are going bust in the space.

It’s not about the hundreds of billions of dollars but the insights in how to look at a  market and execute relentlessly around that vision.

Making e-commerce a lifestyle statement for Chinese consumers and businesses
“In the U.S., e-commerce is just online shopping. In China, e-commerce is a lifestyle.”

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 8.43.39 AM

This is one speech you can listen over and over again and you get deeper and simpler every time! Have a good weekend.

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