Analytics 101 – Summary of slides

Based on a few requests include the slides for reference. A lot of key slides have been omitted since this is a closed group discussion and the framework is proprietary.

Please click here for pdf summary.   Analytics_GerardRego


I am in discussion with a few folks in closed groups on the next disruptive opportunities in tech.  There is so much noise that we are working on the “signals”.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 5.50.31 PM   Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 5.50.21 PM

The real questions are how will farmers in Ethiopia get a better yield and productivity, while lowering crop cycle inputs and getting farm gate pricing for their output and mitigate risks of climate change in real time, within 5 ha farmer land grids?  Except we are talking of millions of hectares of land and tens of thousands of farmers!

Or how will eCommerce or retail companies drive better inventory turnover, reduce Cash Conversion Cycles and map in real time what consumers need and buy to drive their value for their demand-supply chains to commerce within 10miles and leverage consumer social networks on FaceBook? Except we are talking about a few hundred billions dollars of commerce and millions of consumers!

Or how will governments drive better policies for citizens in a local areas in China to enhance the value of responses to an outbreak of a disease that needs all the best minds to work in real-time to identify and respond to the challenge that will potentially impact 5m citizens in 20m radius? Except we are talking about a response time of days or else people die in the thousands?

Or how will the US Marines in Djibouti working on containing terrorism across the Horn of Africa map their entire mission in real-time to all variables of weather, social, weapons, enemy movement and intelligence analytics, so as to achieve their mission goals in a war gaming exercize with a special forces team in a highly populated neighborhood in Somalia to stop piracy? Except that how to identify the situation before it arises and respond to plan when it does, else risk loosing lives and tends of millions of dollars per ship and fuel the next attack?

Analytics and not data is the “Holy Grail”! This is where the real competitive advantage is and the stakeholder value is captured and unlocked.Analytics_GerardRego



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