Connecting the seemingly disconnected. This the power of analytics, not big data!

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What happens when you connect the seemingly disconnected into patterns that connect? Then you have the ability to look at what most people, companies or communities see but don’t see or seize as they seem to obvious. That is where the real risk-reward comes in. The ability to look at the vast amounts of data and ignore 99.99% of everything and still look at the fundamentals. That is where the competitive advantage lies.

Look at this post.

Brazil Riots Predicted by U.S. Intelligence Research Project

” Although details of the early warning won’t be known until next month, “our model did forecast several protests in Brazil for last week,” Virginia Tech professor Naren Ramakrishnan said in an email. It’s an example of how increasingly powerful algorithms—put to work on ever larger sets of social data, including tweets and Web searches—can yield new insights into how people are likely to behave.

The project is funded by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, which is overseen by the national intelligence director. As CIO Journal reported in June, some of its projects aren’t classified.”

This is a clear indicator of that ability to look at the noise and find the signals and then you get the power of a network to the power of the network to be disproportionately powerful and ROI that a real competitive advantage, i.e.  N SquaredN.

You should read, The Geography of Transport Systems 3rd Edition By Jean-Paul RodrigueClaude ComtoisBrian Slack http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415822541/

Great work!


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You then have the analytical ability to make decisions that really create a sustainable and scaleable competitive advantage.  Are you or your company there yet. In the defense industry and military ecosystem this is the real competitive advantage and force multiplier.

Big Data really meant micro-analytical ability where as the volume and velocity of the data increased the ability to directly have the micro-analytical capability to make decisions in context, time, location, value, et al meant the difference between staying competitive or being breakfast. Now that is the difference.

What’s next for you and your company. If you really don’t have an answer better read,  “Business Model Warfare The Story Behind Business Success and Failure, by Langdon Morris” http://www.innovationlabs.com/publications/business-model-warfare/. 

Your company and job may not exist tomorrow!




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